Mission & History

Northwest Indiana Resistance is a coalition of activist groups across the Northwest Indiana area, brought together to collectively resist government and corporate negligence.

The coalition, NWI Resistance, was comprised of over 12 rotating progressive action groups was established in February 2017 as a response to the Executive Orders 13769, the "Muslim Ban" and the increase in deportations and detainment of primarily Latinx people throughout the country. The coalition is dedicated to defending democracy and demanding economic and environmental equality in Northwest Indiana.

The coalition aggregates progressive and leftist events and campaigns in the Facebook calendar to maximize involvement from our members on issues across the Region. If you would like your event or group included in our calendar, please message the page. Our core organizers represent over 5 affiliated organizations, and hold political positions across the progressive to Left spectrum.

Following the Executive Order 13769, “Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States”, on January 27th, we were called to action. On February 4th, in East Chicago, over 200 people attended a rally in Veteran’s Park and about 150 people continued to the East Chicago Public Library for a public meeting on what actions to take next: the coalition was born.

We include, depending on the particular action, a collection of NWI and Chicago (inter)faith, working class, human rights, progressive, environmental, and health advocacy groups. We also work as a networking body for those wishing to make a difference on the regional level.


  1. Make Northwest Indiana a Welcoming Region by passing ‘Welcoming City’ Ordinances in every city in Lake and Porter County.

  2. End Deportations out of the Gary-Chicago International Airport.